Friend of Jesus.
Strengthening Women.
Breaking Chains.

Leanna Hampton, photo credit Christopher Keels
Photo by Christopher Keels


My name is Leanna Hampton, and I’m an author who loves sharing the joy of following Jesus!

Sometimes in life, it may feel like you are the sidekick in someone else’s ministry story. Maybe you feel too young to be taken seriously or too experienced in life to be relevant today.

There are many lies that keep us in chains. They hold us up from bravely walking in the fullness of who God created us to be.

Join me as I seek the Father’s heart toward women. How does He see us? How does He assign value in His kingdom? His voice is the only one that matters.

He has a plan for you, and it doesn’t include being silent or sidelined. I invite you to read my blog as I write about my conversations with King Jesus.  I ask, and he answers. And his answers offer more grace and love than we can imagine. Be encouraged, break those chains, and run toward Jesus with your whole self.


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