Leanna Hampton

Author. Friend of Jesus.
Strengthening Women.
Breaking Chains.

Leanna Hampton
Photo by Melissa Pauquette


My name is Leanna Hampton, and I’m an author who loves sharing the joy of following Jesus!

Join me as I seek God’s heart toward women. How does He see us? How does He assign value in His kingdom?

God offers more grace and love than we can imagine. And His voice is the only one that matters.

Be encouraged and run toward Jesus with your whole heart!


Grit in the Midst of Imperfection and Failure

Fail, Fail, Fail, Again? “I love failure!” said no one, ever. In fact, most likely you’ve said the exact opposite, right? “I hate failure!”  This summer, God gave me the most magnificent opportun…

Woman laughing on ground
Humor and Joy When Jesus Laughs

How Do You View Jesus? My personal relationship with Jesus includes a lot of joy and humor. I think that’s because so much of my life I spent thinking that Jesus was so serious. My image of Jesus was …


Flashy Prayers I wonder at what age we suddenly begin to think that our prayers have to sound holy. “Heavenly Father, we beseech thee on our knees with our heads bowed in reverence. We humbly re…