Leanna with niece and 3 nephews

Hi There!

I live in Zanesville, Ohio. I’m a biological auntie to four spunky kiddos. And, I am also ‘Auntie L’ to many other kids in my life.

Two of my favorite things, other than reading and writing, are walking in the woods and Standup Paddle Boarding.

As an author, my passion is sharing about my real life with Jesus – even the messy stuff.

My Commitment to You:

First, you’re safe here. You don’t have to hide, wear a religious mask, or fear condemnation from me. You have grace to seek Jesus at your pace!

Second, I will share what God is teaching me through scripture and my personal walk with Him. It might get raw at times, but I promise to always point to Jesus and how He is moving and speaking in the midst of the hardships of life.

Third, you WILL hear from God when you keep asking, keep seeking, and keep knocking. He promises to answer your heart’s desire for contentment with more of Himself. (Matthew 7:7-8, Jeremiah 29:13-14) And here at the blog, we’re in the business of learning to trust Him at His Word!

You will find true contentment when you bring your whole heart to the table.

Jesus is waiting to comfort, encourage, and love the real you.

I am, too, Friend.

– Leanna

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