Writing School and My Miracle Working God

I didn’t have to write last night. Technically all of my writing can be accomplished during the school day. But my heart was bursting with gratitude to my Savior for carving out a place for me. A perfect, pre-planned and expertly appointed, Leanna-sized niche at The School of Kingdom Writers. Here’s a page from my thoughts last night.

School – Day Two

Today was my second day in school, and oh, do I have stories for you!

On Saturday, I say hello to 37! and start my 38th trek around the sun.
Who could have guessed at this time last year, as I was starting a novel writing class 2 days before my 36th birthday (Arche Year Novel Class, see below), that I would wind up here.

Where’s here? I am one of four students who get to call The School of Kingdom Writers their home this year. If you’ve been following my journey, you know that saying goodbye to my professional library job and my expectations of what my life would look like was (and still is some days) a difficult process.

Wherever He Calls

Today was the payoff for the sleepless nights, second guessing, and endless anxiety.
Today “I was doing it!” Living my dream. It nearly stole my breath mid-song as I was singing with my student buddies this morning during our worship time. (Can you believe I get to have worship time during the work day?!)

Many lines stood out to me, but this one from Oceans stuck: “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, Let me walk upon the waters, Wherever You would call me.”

I never imagined “wherever” being the upper room of an old brick office building in Zanesville, OH. But it is. Oh, yes, it surely is.

I sang the words and tried to keep from melting to the floor in messy sobs. After all, it’s only the second day, and I felt I should let them ease into the Leanna crying experience. 😉 In that moment, I stood in amazement at how the Lord ushered me into my dreams of getting to grow deeper in Love with Him, side by side with other students, as we learn how to write in a way that honors God.

My lovely new friends! Fellow SOKW students

Until God Stepped In

In some of the darkest days of my life (ahem, here’s looking at you Winter 2021), God knew what He had planned for me, I did not. I was fully ready to throw in the towel on life. I saw no hope, no spark of adventure or change on the horizon. Just endless years doing the same thing. Again. Fighting the same battles. Again. Alone. Still.

Until God stepped in and breathed new life on old dreams. Praise Him for His loving kindness! He reawakened my desire to share my faith and encourage others through writing my story. That was just the beginning of His restoration plan for me. You can check out older blog posts here if you’re curious.

Ephesians Revelations

Back to my school day…I made it through worship, class instruction, writing time, and lunch. Our next assignment was to read Ephesians and mark the passages you liked or didn’t understand so we could discuss it later.

I chose a spot to read in the sunlight next to the window. I sat criss-cross on the floor that was covered with a multicolored rug and began reading and highlighting. Right there on the floor in the middle of reading Ephesians 3, my Sweet Jesus got me again!

Ephesians 3:20 says God will do immeasurably more than all you can ask, think, or imagine.

Immeasurably. As in… you can even dream what He can and will do for you – the adopted child of His heart!

There I was, sitting on the floor, yes, crying again, as I realized I was living my dreams. Some might find it a drag to be assigned scripture reading, but I couldn’t ask for a better assignment!

This is my desk with beautiful flowers from Melissa. Note the colorful rug window spot!


After years of separating Work-Leanna from Home-Leanna, there I sat, being Whole Leanna. It’s too beautiful for words. I can study, read, and discuss Jesus with my friends using my whole self in class. Not only there, but also out on the street or with my old coworkers. Anyone and everyone. I am learning to be one whole self. And I owe it all to Jesus.

Because He led me to this wonderful school, I have the freedom to pursue that which is most important in my life, relationship with Jesus. I can make today my everyday reality. One day soon it will be my full-time profession. Loving Jesus, writing for Christ’s glory.

I am beyond grateful to Brad and Melissa Pauquette for dreaming something as crazy as the SOKW, and then following God through every attack and obstacle, until their dream became a reality. Without their continued obedience and those who prayerfully and financially support them, I wouldn’t have been sitting in a puddle of happy tears today in the sunlight with my Bible. Overcome and in awe of the miracle working God.


My miracle working, precious Father.

Yours as well.

When He says, immeasurably more, He means it. Yes, in your lifetime. It only takes a small yes to get started with trusting your life to His plan.

It’s a beautiful plan that He’s made for you, no matter where you find yourself at this moment. God redeems all things and every hopeless situation. I am living proof.

I pray that you reach out to Him right now. Tell Him the deep desires of your heart and listen for His leading. He’s dreaming a dream for you.

If you’d like prayer or encouragement, let me know! You can sign up for my newsletter below or message me on Facebook at #leannahamptonauthor and email at info@leannahampton.com

I’ll end with this…
Watch out year 37, Leanna is here in living color! Just wait and see what my God can do!

P.S. You guys, I finished my first ever Short Story today! Whoop Whoop!

Do you want to take a class to learn how to write a novel with a Kingdom focus in 9 months? It’s affordable and I can attest to the excellent teaching. Check out Arche Year and the SOKW website soon! What do you have to lose?

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  1. Hey Leanna, Love the home vs. Work Leanna becoming whole. I’ve also experienced this new congruence when I decided to go full board with Jesus. Love it! stay on mision!

  2. I could not possibly love you more. Your joy resonates deeply in my soul! Blessings upon blessings to you as you continue to faithfully follow HIS path for your life. 🥰🥰🥰

  3. Love this! I can so relate after being a part of last year’s arche year and cohort. I wish I could be in person! Can’t wait to see what unfolds for you- it’s gonna be amazing!

  4. Leanna, I love the same things the others did, but in addition, I am really impressed by the visual appearance of your blogs. I am going to learn from them and apply to mine!

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