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Spring Flash Fiction Contest

Exciting News!

This week on my blog, I’d like to share some news.

As many of you know, I’ve been attending the School of Kingdom Writers since September 2021. What an adventure in trusting God it’s been! Before attending, I had never completed a short story, and now I am editing the first draft of my 26,000 word novella. 

That’s not all. I’ve spent countless hours with my fellow students in prayer, worship, spiritual disciplines, Bible study, scripture memorization, and discussions about our faith. 

In addition to that, I’m learning about the business of being a writer. I’m learning how to make money in the real world and how to expand my audience through social media platforms.

Part of my education is to get hands-on experience. And this month that means I have had the opportunity to help design, market, and later, judge a flash fiction writing contest for the Kingdom Writers Guild. How cool is that?

Flash Fiction

What’s Flash Fiction? It’s a short, short story that’s usually capped at a maximum word count–this one is 1,500 words. You create any type of fiction story you want to tell that fits the theme.

Our theme is Back to Life. You have permission to think about the topic any way you’d like. Make it funny, weird, end of the world, tragic, sentimental. Just tell the story you want that relates to the words “Back to Life.” 

What’s the prize?

You could win a $100 gift card for Amazon. And if you choose, your story can be published on the School of Kingdom Writers website. Read some of the winning stories here

Check out the full contest details. But basically, it’s simple. Write a story and submit your work for free to the Kingdom Writers Guild by June 1st. 

Then my fellow students and I will have a ball reading and discussing them. We’ll pick a winner by July 1st!

What do you have to lose? It’s the perfect season to dream about New Life. I hope this contest gets your creative ideas flowing and sparks some hope in your Spring season!

Also, if you know a writer, please send them a link to this post. If they win, tell them they have to cut you in on a small gift from Amazon!

Blessings and happy writing!

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