Jesus is holding your right hand

Jesus Is Holding Your Right Hand

Fighting for Your Portion in Life

Let’s say that you attend a birthday party with 50 people, but one teeny tiny cake. Your portion of the cake (if you get any) will be pretty small, right? Even if you jump the line or jockey for position, you are probably in for a piddly portion. What a bummer.

Life can feel like an endless battle for better portions of things that are more important than cake (hard to believe, I know). Things like careers, family, friends, and material goods. You might find yourself throwing elbows, waving your hands wildly in the air, or camping out just outside a door – ready to pounce, just so that you can get your fair share of a prize or a hard-earned position.

But how exhausting is that? It’s hard work battling the fear that if you don’t look out for yourself, you will be forgotten or left without.

Do you know what we never have to fight for? Jesus. We are guaranteed the largest portion imaginable, with no caveats, addendums, or oversights. As followers of Jesus, we can have a 100% portion of God’s presence with us daily. We just have to recognize it and claim Him as our inheritance.

Our right hand is held by God, anchoring us at all times to our portion of a glorious inheritance through Jesus’s sacrifice.

Look at Psalm 73:23-26 with me.

Yet I am always with you;
you hold me by my right hand.

You guide me with your counsel,
and afterward you will take me into glory.
Whom have I in heaven but you?
And earth has nothing I desire besides you.
My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart
and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:23-26, emphasis added

Our Portion and Inheritance

Verse 26 says, “…God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

In Moses’ day, the priests of Levi were given a portion of the sacrifices offered by the people, the “priestly portion.” They received choice cuts of meat, grain offerings, and tithes. Check this out in Numbers 18:20“Then the Lord said to Aaron, ‘You shall have no inheritance in their land nor own any portion among them; I am your portion and your inheritance among the sons of Israel.’”

What an amazing statement! God said He was the Levites’ portion and their inheritance! Wow.

God provided for them out of the abundance of the worshipful sacrifices of His people.

We have the same portion and inheritance! Our portion forever is God’s son Jesus. Our inheritance is adoption into His family.

Holding Our Right Hand

Psalm 73:23-24 reminds us that God is holding our right hand and guiding us with His counsel.

Now look at your right hand. Imagine Jesus gripping your hand.

At all times, you have access to the priestly portion, an inheritance beyond any on earth. You are connected to it all day long, holding Jesus’s hand. How’s that? Let’s look back to Moses’s day again.

The Bible has many scriptures about the authority and power in God’s right hand, but why is He holding our right hand?

When priests were being ceremonially consecrated or when they were making atonement for someone’s sin in a ceremonial cleansing, blood from the sacrifice was dabbed on the right earlobe, right thumb, and right toe of the person being cleansed.

Because Jesus is holding your right hand, your right thumb is pressed against the hand of the One who bled and died for your sins. As long as you hold His hand, you can never, no never, be condemned for your mistakes or sins. We are cleansed, just like the priests, through Jesus’s blood.

The Sacrifice

But wait…there’s more! In Exodus and Leviticus, priests were instructed to lay a hand on the head of the animal sacrifice. This symbolized the person’s sin and guilt being transferred to the sacrificial animal.

As our hand is held by Jesus, we are connected to the atoning blood and the grace of our sacrificial lamb who was slain for us. Our right hand continually links us to that sacrifice. Jesus completed that work on the cross when He rose from the grave!

I hope you will never look at your right hand the same again. As long as you are gripping His hand tight, believing in faith in Jesus’s sacrifice for your sins, you are receiving your portion, your inheritance just like the Levites.

The next time the enemy comes knocking and accusing, or the Goliath in front of you looks too big to defeat, look at your right hand. Jesus is holding it, holding you, and through His sacrifice He is leading you to a glorious destiny filled with a beautiful inheritance.

Praise His wonderful name!

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