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Jesus Has A Gift For You


Sometimes I have a dream right before I wake up and I know it is from the Lord.

Now, I’m not one of those people who think every dream should be analyzed and dissected for meaning. If that was the case, I’d spend a good portion of my time pondering the meaning of polar bears in party hats or why cicadas’ wings and legs are so crunchy and hard to swallow. The cicada dilemma was Monday’s unfortunate dreamscape, and I was never so happy to wake up and find out I had been dreaming.

The dream I had on Wednesday was special and different. I had a picture of Jesus standing in a white hallway on a polished floor. He accepted a cloth covered package from someone with both hands. As soon as he had it in his hands, he turned and ran down the hallway like he’d just been given the baton at an Olympic relay race. While he bolted down the hallway, his face beaming with delight, he said out loud, “She’s going to love this!” 

Then I woke up. And I knew.

Jesus, my Jesus, was talking about me! He was running down the hallway of heaven, helter-skelter, joy in every stride, to come give ME a gift!

White Stairs and Hallway

Blessed Now and Delighted Later

For me, the gift is two-fold. Part of the gift has been immediate. I am amazed that Jesus would think of me, let alone desire to give me a gift from our Father God. The other part of the gift is anticipating what it is that he is so excited for me to receive. What could it be?! I know from experience that Jesus gives really good gifts.

In truth, I’m still reeling from the past few months. I’ve got some whiplash from the sudden career course change. He’s carried me through tough days recently by raising a support army of people who love me and care about me. The well wishes, encouragement, prayers, and words of kindness have lifted me up when I thought it would go the other way. 

I was fully expecting friends and acquaintances, upon hearing that I was leaving the library after 15 years, to say, “Are you crazy, Leanna?!” But they have been kinder toward me than I have been to myself.

No words can express my gratitude. Only hugs and tears of thanks can come close.

Hand outstretched

Jesus’ Gift for You

What I really want to share with you is this…

Jesus wants to give you a gift. Are you ready to accept it? If you don’t know him well, he is offering you himself. The gift of God living in us is more precious than anything we can acquire on Earth. 

Jesus is my closest friend, my champion on difficult days, and he is always looking at me with love. He is less than a breath away, and I can simply talk to him in my heart, any time of day or night. The best news is that Jesus wants to be in a relationship with you as well! I’d be happy to chat sometime if you are thinking, “I want that kind of unconditional love and source of strength in my life, too!” 

If you do know Jesus, he is extending an offer for you to come closer and go deeper in relationship with him. Take a walk with him and ask him what gift he is saving up – just for you. He can’t wait to give it to you! 

I pray that you will encounter the heart of the Father through his son, Jesus, this week. Be on the lookout for the gifts he has already placed in your path. For sure, you are a gift I have treasured this week. Thanks for your support, Friend.

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