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God’s Business is Answered Prayers

The Heart Cries Out

What is the cry of your heart? At the core of you… where your truest self is, what do you want to say to God? Is it a prayer, a request, a grateful song of worship and praise? Whatever they are, you can consider them answered prayers.

God has been reminding me lately that he is in the business of answering prayers. 

He’s God, so he doesn’t answer prayers in the exact way or on the timeline that I, a mere human, imagined he would. However, he is steadily, and sometimes imperceptibly, answering my deepest desires.

He gently reminds me of the prayers that I forgot I had even prayed. Desires for guidance, purpose, closeness, fulfillment. Right now, he keeps drawing me back to these old prayers. I hear him say – “See what I did there, Leanna?”

I think Father God loves to remind us of our past prayer requests and how he has come through for us. I’m a librarian, so I picture this in terms of stamping books.  Imagine we have a huge book containing all our prayers. And in the back, a due date card where the dates of each prayer are listed. He gets out this gigantic stamp that says ANSWERED in bold red ink and he… Ka-CHUNK…slams it down to indelibly mark a prayer as answered. Done, and Done!

God’s Business is Planting Prayers

God is also in the Prayer-Planting business. I look back at my prayers and I wonder how I could possibly have been motivated to pray such an earnest, pure request for more of God’s presence.  These types of prayers can only come from his Spirit living in me, whispering the words to my heart. He is the author, I simply write the words down. I won’t know until a later date how he immediately began working to complete his purpose for me in that prayer.

Early in the pandemic, I did a lot of walking at the park and praying. One of those days, I remember going out early to walk and talk with Jesus. Though instead, I proceeded to ignore my surroundings while I hastily tapped out a poem on my phone. It was the deepest cry of my heart. To be near him, to be used by him, to be found walking hand-in-hand with him at the end of my life. 

I cried when I wrote it, I cried when I read it to my gals in Bible study last year, and I cried when the first two lines of it suddenly came to my heart just a few moments ago as I was thanking God for the blessings in my life. 

Of course, I am going to share it with you! Before I do, I just want you to know that as I re-read it today. I noticed how the prayer I prayed that day in March 2020 was a prayer for my upcoming season – over a year away. That means He was working behind the scenes long ago to prepare me for today. What an awesome God!

Three Truths Today

God’s Spirit helped me write a prayer in the form of a poem last year. And now, I am currently living in the sweetness of these answered prayers. Three truths are evident today that were part of this prayer:

  1. I don’t know exactly where I’m going, but I’m ok because he is with me.
  2. With my writing, I am in a position to boldly share my faith in a way I was never able (or willing) to do before.
  3. He is constantly purifying me and reworking me. Even last week He placed me in a situation that revealed the purifying process is ongoing. I will always be repenting, learning, and growing.

As you read my prayer, I hope that you will hear your own heart echo your deepest desires for his presence. When you do hear your heart resounding, write it down, dear friend. Then wait for God to answer. You will soon hear the Ka-Thunk of the “Answered” stamp on your Prayer book. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but for sure – God is on the move and working on your behalf!

Journal open on tree stump

Walk In His Presence

As I walk in your presence
I’m matched step for step
Your presence surrounds me
I feel it in my chest
We’re walking and talking
Along this garden path
I don’t know where we’re going
And I’m OK with that
The peace of your nearness
Brings joy to my heart
While nature surrounds me
And sings out like art
Other people pass by me
I’m not sure if they see
The glory that calls out
For your Majesty
Let me not grow weary
Of walking this way
My heart has been tested
I’ll not walk away
I love you, my Savior
The delight of my soul
Let me share how to find you
More precious than gold
The time comes to speak
Let Bold be my name
With what little I offer
Set lost hearts aflame
Keep me at the the center
Of your daily will
When the hour comes, Let me be found
Walking with you, still
I throw all that’s within me
On your altar ablaze
Purify and rework me 
Until I resemble Your Name
Come quickly my sweet Jesus
You won’t tarry long
Author, Perfecter
Giver of this Psalm

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