God Equips Us to Succeed- Chapel Classroom

God Equips Us to Succeed

In school last week, I had the opportunity to teach the message at chapel. Through that experience He showed me, once again, He is faithful. God equips those He calls.

In both our creative writing and ministry classes we have been consistently challenged to step into new challenges that we might normally say, “Uh, no thanks, I’ll pass!” Have you ever tried telling that to a teacher? Yeah, not gonna fly.

The great news is that God has been demonstrating to me that if He calls us to do something then He takes the burden upon Himself to equip us to succeed. This was my experience with teaching chapel last week.

Moses’ Story

When I was praying about what I should teach, I got the impression that I should read Moses’ story. I opened Exodus and began to read. You know the story – the people of Israel were being oppressed and cried out to God for help. Then God sends Moses to speak on their behalf and lead them out of Egypt.

This time when I read the story, I carefully read each way that Moses tries to deny, question, and divert God’s call on His life because He feels inadequate for the task.

Here are some of the ways Moses questions his assignment when God says, “Come I will send you…” (Exodus 3:10)

If you are like me, these might seem mighty familiar to you. (All the emphasis is mine, also you should totally read Exodus 2:23-4:15 yourself – it’s so good!)

Moses questions his identity.

BUT Moses said to God, ‘Who am I?’” (3:11)

God’s response: “BUT I will be with you.” (3:12)

Wow – end of argument. But God is with us, what more can we say? Apparently, a lot.

Moses questions the assignment.

IF I come…what shall I say to them?” (3:13)

God’s response: “Say this…I AM has sent me to you…” (3:14) “…and they will listen to your voice…” (3:18) “…and WHEN you go…” (3:21)

Yikes, Moses’ voice sounds a lot like my own. But God provides Moses with direct instruction, a reminder of His identity, and a reminder to obey and GO.

Moses questions his authority and effectiveness.

THEY will not believe me or listen to MY voice.” (4:1) “I am not eloquent…but slow of speech.” (4:10)

God’s response: “Who has made man’s mouth?I will be WITH your mouth and TEACH you what you shall speak.” (4:11-12)

God created Moses and knows his abilities intimately, and He still calls Moses to go. In fact He says he will empower Moses’ mouth and teach him what to speak. What a promise!

Moses questions God’s Call.

Oh my Lord, please send someone else.” (4:13)

God’s response: “The anger of the Lord was kindled against Moses.” (4:14)

Our gracious God still helps Moses face his fears. He selects a helper for Moses to walk with him and his many insecurities. “I will be with your mouth and with his mouth and will teach you BOTH what to do.” (4:15)

Great News

Here’s the great news – God is not deterred by all of our many excuses or questions. He has a plan even when we aren’t sure we can accomplish it. But God knows we can because God equips us to succeed in the tasks He’s set before us.

God provided me with a lesson to teach about being equipped by God when I was feeling unequipped. (Oh the irony)

It’s pretty hard to worry about your success when you truly trust that God will equip you for the task. In our weakness – He is strong. Moses learned that lesson. I’m learning it. I’ll bet you are, too.

Closing Prayer

Thank you for choosing me to be part of your Kingdom and for giving me a part to play that only I can play. Forgive me for the ways I have questioned your calling, decision, and directions. Help me to respond yes the first time and trust that you know best and have worked out the details. I trust you to equip me for the tasks that you have set before me. I love you, Gracious Lord.

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