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Be Still and Know That I Am God

Be Still

Don’t you love it when God repeats His messages to us over and over? In the past week, I’ve heard songs and read scriptures and posts that all involve the same message.

“Be still and know that I Am God.”

Psalm 46:10

God knows it is the perfect message for me at the perfect time.

The Big Move

A month ago I uprooted my life by moving to an apartment in Zanesville, OH. I’d been commuting 100 miles a day to my school. I’d been praying about moving for a while but never felt settled about it until the end of December. One of the deciding factors in the move was the amazing community that adopted me into Zanesville – read the post I wrote about it here.

Then, once I felt sure that it was the right decision, I was moved within 3 weeks, and my house was cleared out two weeks after that. I am so grateful for so many self-less friends and family who supported me. It was a whirlwind of emotion and activity.

That home represented a lot to me. Hopes for the future, memories of the past. But God has been consistently calling me into a new season. All while encouraging me to let go of the past.

The Great Purge

Moving Trailer loaded with couch

Who knew that letting go of a physical space would be so darned painful? In addition to the emotional toll, the downsizing effort was monumental. I’ve been calling it The Great Purge. Chances are, if I visited the Goodwill on Hamilton Rd in Columbus I’d feel right at home walking the aisles that now contain the contents of my old house.

The lifestyle change was another huge adjustment. I had been living alone for 12 years, but now, I’m now living with a roommate and most of my belongings fit in an 8’x9’ bedroom. I haven’t quite figured out things like my routines or cooking when there are only two feet of counter space. I’m an early riser now (crazy, I know!) but the house’s inhabitants are decidedly the opposite. Everything is up in the air. But I’m praying it will settle soon.

Honestly, I’ve grieved everything, from the loss of a laundry room and access to washer and dryer, to the apartment’s janky stove that was made circa 1960. Then there’s been the street parking during one of the snowiest & iciest Januaries I’ve experienced. Or the adjustment of switching back to a twin mattress after 10+ years of Queen-ly living. My cat totally fell out of bed the other night when he tried to roll over.

In all this, God is still God. He calls me to be still and cease my worrying. Stop fearing that I’ve made a terrible mistake. He’s calling me to rest and trust. Be still, knowing that He is “I AM” – God of the Universe. He has this situation in hand. Really, really big and strong hands.

Looking Back Instead of Ahead

Leanna and Kristin - packing the kitchen
Great Friends Are Cool With Messes

Last week in a particularly low moment I found myself 30 miles into the drive “home” to my old house. I’d already said goodbye to it, but in that moment last week, I craved familiar comfort. I planned to go and sit on the old berber carpet in the spot that used to hold my favorite chair before a facebook marketplace sale whisked it away forever. I imagined I’d cry for a few…hours.

But I didn’t go. Half way through the drive I was reminded that God was doing something new and that returning to the old would be the worst decision I could make. Instead I chose to embrace the new, however painful and confusing it felt right then.

As I drove, He reminded me that back in October He spoke John 11:40 over me: “Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?”

Driving down the road, in the depths of despair, I called my friend and asked if I could come over…right now, please! Praise Jesus for good friends who accept you in your messiest messes. She listened and accepted me in the lowest moment as I instead sat on her floor and poured out my soul.

The Glory Is Coming

Here’s the great news – the Glory of God is coming for me. And it’s coming for you.

Sometimes it’s really, and I mean, really hard to believe it. But it’s coming as sure as dawn. As sure as I want chocolate after dinner.

Our task is to believe Him and take Him at His Word. Then… Be Still and Know that He is God.

He cannot lie, His word is good. Let’s rest today knowing that we are on His mind, He’s crafting a plan to show us His glory, if we believe Him.

I choose to believe Him. How about you?

Let’s Pray Together

Father God, forgive me for spinning in circles, trying to make all the pieces of my life make sense. I commit to trusting you, right now, in this moment. You are good. Your plan is for my good. I trust you to show off your glory in my life.

Help my unbelief when I struggle to trust you. Give me the strength to wait patiently and joyfully. To wait in stillness, knowing you are God and not me. Like the Psalmist says in Psalm 131:2, teach me to calm and quiet myself, content in Your presence.

I love you, Holy Father. Thank you for loving me and loving me and loving me – without end.

I’d love to hear how God is moving in your life and what new adventures He is challenging you to look toward. Leave a comment if you want to share!


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