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About Leanna Hampton

Stand Up Paddle Board

Hi There!

My name is Leanna, and I follow Jesus by saying yes to him everyday. That includes sharing with you what he is teaching me on a number of topics, chief among them, holding onto true Hope that does not disappoint and navigating life as a woman in the Kingdom.

I live in central Ohio, where my day-job is having fun with books and kids as a children’s librarian. I am an auntie to four vibrant and spunky kiddos whom I love dearly. God teaches me lessons about His love for me in direct relation to my love for them!

Two of my favorite things are walking in the woods and having conversations with Jesus. It’s even better when I get to have conversations with him while I’m walking in the woods! In 2020, I bought a standup paddle board (SUP), and now I happily commune with Jesus on the water, too!

I have a furry cat companion, named Fitzy, who loves to be touching me at all times whether it is 102 or 2 degrees. I’m sure God picked him especially for me so I wouldn’t ever be lonely!

My desire is to dispel the lies that surround the idea of how a faithful Christian woman “should” look or perform. There will be no performance on display here. No gussied up versions of our best selves. I’m not going to assume I know your story or that yours is the same as mine. What I will do is open up my journal and share how Jesus is encouraging me to move from fear to victory and from despair to hope.

I value authenticity in my walk with Jesus, so I feel I should warn you that at some point you will probably feel embarrassed for me because I over-shared. You’re welcome!

My goal is that you will bring your whole-self to be comforted, encouraged, and loved by Jesus. I know nothing except what he has graciously taught me. Therefore, I’d be honored if you let me share his words of hope for your heart.

My brothers and sisters, when I first came to proclaim to you the secrets of God, I refused to come as an expert, trying to impress you with my eloquent speech and lofty wisdom. For while I was with you I was determined to be consumed with one topic—Jesus, the crucified Messiah.

1 Corinthians 2:1‭-‬2 The Passion Translation